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Member Caviaries


Heather Bondra

"Andie's Americans"  

Small caviary located near Flint, Michigan. We strive for the best quality animals and we try very hard to have 3 generation pedigrees on all of our animals. We raise Himalayans in American,American Satins & Texels - American Dalmations in Chocolate & Black. We also have Silkies, Satin Silkies in TSW and Brokens and a few coronets. We show our animals extensively and belong to the ARBA, ACBA, MCBA, Ohio Cavy Club &
the Ontario Cavy Club. I am also the current president of the Michigan Cavy Breeder Association.





Mike Ginder
Redford Township, MI
Raise abys, aby satin, and Texels.
All colors.


Alaina Holstege

Tri-Color Cavies specializing in broken and TSW teddies from Specialty/National winning bloodlines.Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Shipping available/weather permitting

PHONE:(616)534-6036 (evenings)

Susan Lybolt

"Peek-A-Boo Pigs Caviary"
(Royal Oak, Michigan)

I raise Americans and American Satins, specializing in American TSW (my absolute favorite!) and broken colors. My satin line includes reds, whites, brokens and occasionally some TSWs and roans. Currently I have about 50 animals (it's hard to keep track when it changes almost every day!). I am presently
working on satin rainbows and pastel broken colors.
Phone: 248/546/1230


"Blue Moon Cavies" 

Breeder and exhibitor of quality long hair cavies. Animals are raised utilizing a holistic approach with careful attention to their nutritional and social needs. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.


"Carlione Caviary"
Breeds: Teddy
Variaty: Selfs and Brokens
Name: Shannon Carmon
Westland, MI
Phone: (734)721-0388

Breeding to make my best better


"Nibbling Cavies"

Tricia Schneeberger

Small farm in Lansing area
Coronets, Americans, American Satins & Silkies
Red, Black, Cream, White, Broken, & TSW


"Kojak Cavies"
Skinny Pigs


Laurie Wilson
Ann Arbor, Michigan


"In Clover Cavy Stud"
Lindsy Adkins
Southgate, MI
Phone: (734)542-3706

Breed: Teddy
Varieties: Dalmatians, Tri Roans & Brindles,
and Himalayans
Occasional Litters In:
Silkies/Satin Silkies, Coronets/Satin Coronets, Texels, Merinos

Main focus is Dalmation Teddies for exhibition.  Black is my most successful

color now,  expanding my chocolate dal program & establishing my red dalmatian
program. dilute colors (cream, lilac and beige) are a future consideration. 
I also have Agouti dals, which are bred to meet the OCC standard, and have a small
program including: golden agouti, silver agouti and lemon agouti.I also have
smaller breeding programs of Brindles & Roans, as well as Himalayans.The long hairs are just
for fun although the goal is always to produce animals that meet the ACBA/OCC standards
(unless they are not an accepted breed or variety).